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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

DYK? The Viking Diet

I had never heard of this eating plan before receiving a note about it in my RealAge mailing this morning.  Like the famous Mediterranean diet, Viking cuisine also reduces mortality but with foods traditionally consumed in Nordic cultures:  cabbage, rye bread, root vegetables, fish, etc.  A twelve-year inquiry actually verified the positive effects of the diet, quoting from my e-mail message:
In the study, researchers assigned people a score from 0 to 6, depending on how closely they adhered to the traditional Nordic eating style.  For every point earned, mortality dropped by 4 to 6 percent over the course of the 12-year study.  Overall, men with the most points reduced their mortality by 36 percent while top-scoring women lowered their mortality by 25 percent. 
Since the Viking diet contains foods that I enjoy, I am tempted to try it.  However, I do have one nagging question:  how do people with glycemic issues --- diabetes, insulin resistance, and the like --- fare on this plan?  Consumption of bread and root vegetables, no matter how healthy, can often send blood sugar levels swinging for such individuals.  While I research this concern for myself, here are some links that you may want to investigate should you decide to try this new food fad:

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Bon appetit!  Or should I say nyte maten?

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