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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

McDonalds Gone Retro

Recently, the McDonald's in my neighborhood began an exterior renovation that transformed it from the age-old angled roof style to the new square design.  Completed just a few weeks ago, a recent evening drive past the restaurant revealed that some interior redecorating had also occurred.  Curious, my daughter and I visited the establishment to check out the new look.  Having grown up in the 1960's and 1970's, all I can say is!  I felt like I had time traveled.  The new brown paneling looked like the stuff the Big Three automakers used to glue to the sides of vans;  the wallpaper reminded me of lava lamps;  and the color scheme was...well, bright.  The only missing ingredient was a Happy Meal doodle pad sporting art from the Yellow Submarine.

Query:  why does brown paneling look upscale in Starbucks and horribly dated in McDonald's?

For more information about the new look, check out the following news articles:
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Note:  I have been in two other updated McDonald's in my local area.  Their new looks did not disturb me quite as much as the one in my neighborhood.  I think it may be the colors/materials chosen by my nearby franchisee.  I do like some of the interiors shown in the articles listed above.

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