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Friday, January 01, 2010

Is This Our Future?

I don't usually like to post articles like this, but the video posted below saddened me and made me think about what could happen if we, as citizens, don't work to positively impact the current state of our economy and our government. I was saddened by this video for several reasons:

1) On a recent trip to Carnegie Hall in New York City, my husband and I met a couple from Detroit. We didn't really speak to them. We were merely on the same historical tour. Afterwards, we saw them in Starbucks and exchanged greetings. When they left the coffee shop, the wife waved goodbye. It was quite touching to be in a city of millions for one day, for the first time in my life, and encounter a stranger more than once in the same day. It saddens me to think that someone whose life intersected mine for just a moment lives daily in the reality that is Detroit.

2) Given my educational background in economics and political science, and having come of age as a fan of Democratic initiatives like the Model Cities program, it worries me that the current administration (as well as several previous ones) is making domestic and fiscal policy mistakes that could create more cities in crisis, like Detroit.

3) Personally, I cannot imagine what skills I would need to learn or develop in order to survive in an environment like the Detroit depicted in this video. I know I certainly do not have those skills now and it weighs on me that, at my age, I may not have time to learn what I need to know, or to teach my daughter the skills she may need to know.

Rest assured, I don’t ponder this perspective on a daily basis; yet, it does occur to me once in a while. So, I ask the question again: “Is this our future?” I pray that it is not.

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