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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Car Parts in My Sink

Coil springs, clean & shiny
Photo by Plush Duck

About two weeks ago, my beloved husband laundered his greasy garage towels in my washer, necessitating some experimentation with scum-removal techniques.  After a few tries, and some help from Koalagirl, I managed to get the goo off the agitator and the wall of the washer tub.  Today, King Richard decided to wash the coil springs from his Toyota Tundra in my kitchen sink.  The purpose of this activity:  to clean the grease from them so they could be painted.  That's right.  My hubby-mechanic is painting truck parts in an effort to stave off rust.  This time, the procedure is part and parcel of a shock absorber replacement job.  The procedural paint subjects:  the previously mentioned coil springs and some bushing washers.  I really don't mind that he is so excruciatingly meticulous.  He often performs such preventative maintenance on our vehicles.  It saves us a ton of money in car repairs.  I am just not a big fan of the smell.


Lane Fortner said...

It’s nice to know that your hubby is enthusiastic in cleaning and maintaining your car. I’m a bit envious. Haha! If the smell concerned you, I hope you have tried washing it with baking soda with distilled white vinegar and dishwashing liquid soap to. Good luck with your future endeavors! :)

Darryl Iorio said...

My wife scolded me before because I did the same thing. Now, she makes it a point that I clean after I use the sink. It was really troublesome because aside from the fact that I was tired from cleaning my car parts, I also found it really hard to get rid of the smell. So I did something similar to what Lane has suggested and it worked like a charm. It’s amazing what you can do with simple household items!

Darryl Lorio