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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Snow Board, Not a Snowboard

With the National Weather Service forecasting more "white stuff" for coastal New England, I thought I would share this fascinating bit of instruction per the measurement of snow. I obtained this from the National Weather Service website for Upton, NY:
The goal is to achieve the most representative and accurate measurement of snow accumulation, which is widely known to be obtained using a snowboard. A snowboard should be any lightly colored board that is about 2 feet by 2 feet. A piece of plywood painted white works very well. Ideally, it should be painted white to minimize heating by sunlight. Place your snowboard in the spot you have chosen. Mark the location of the snowboard with a stake so you can find it after a fresh snowfall.
I must confess, when I first read this statement, a picture of a snowboard came into my head. You know the kind...the ones that snowboarders use to ski down slopes. Obviously, the weather service is not referring to that kind of snowboard. They are referring to any board that can create a flat surface upon which snow can accumulate. Silly me!

For more information about measuring snow, click here.

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