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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cave-Aged Cheese?

Last week, my daughter and I visited the cheese section of our local grocery store in search of just the right combination of cheeses for a "fancy" macaroni and cheese dish that she was creating.  Parmesan, romano, and asiago ended up in the recipe but as we were heading to the checkout, I noticed a sample table of Emmental Cave-Aged Swiss cheese.  Cave aged?  Intrigued, I purchased some.

This afternoon, we finally broke open the package, thinking it would make a good snack.  Wow!  What a wonderful flavor!  It was strong but very smooth and creamy with little aftertaste.  I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially for a snack tray at a wine and cheese party or shredded on a salad.

To learn more about Emmental cheeses, visit these links:
- Emmental:  The Art of Making Cheese
- Cave-Aged Emmental, Have I Mentioned That Age Matters?

Priced at ~$15.00/pound in my area of the country, I suggest looking for a small piece to keep the cost from breaking your budget.

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