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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Needed: Organists!

With a shortage of organists looming on the horizon, several organizations are attempting to get young people interested in the instrument. For example, local/regional chapters of the American Guild of Organists (AGO) are sponsoring Pipe Organ Encounters around the country. Here is video from one in San Francisco, California.

Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana has also joined the effort. This summer, they are sponsoring two five-day workshops for organists. Here are the class descriptions. If you need more information on how to participate, call the seminary at (260) 452-2224, or visit this page on their website.
Organist Primer
June 16-20, 2008

Organ instructor: Kevin Hildebrand
Theology instructor: Richard Resch

This beginning workshop is designed for organists who donot use pedals, who us only one foot, or who wish to learn more of the basics of service playing. It will include instruction about fundamental music understanding and organ vocabulary. Kantor Hildebrand will demonstrate appropriate and easy service music for the Lutheran organist. A daily study of Lutheran theology will be taught by Kantor Resch.

Level I
July 14-18, 2008

Organ instructor: Richard Resch
Theology instructor: John Pless

Each day participants will have a one-hour session with Professor Pless teaching the Theology of Worship. Kantor Resch will teach service playing, hymnody, church year, music for weddings, funerals, and talk about the pastor/musician relationship. He will work with the individual organists who have taken the Primer Level or are using both feet in their playing.
Tuition for each workshop is $206; on-campus room and board is an additional $175.

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Anonymous said...

I have attended two organist workshops presented by Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN and it was a very rewarding week -- both practically and spiritually.

I have written a review of it over at my blog Lutheran Kantor.