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Monday, February 20, 2012

More on Fermata

A week has passed since my last kitty update, so I thought it time to bring you up to speed with Fermata's progress.  Last Sunday (2/19/2012), after a small hiccup in the appetite rebuilding effort and a consultation with the veterinarian, it was decided to leave the esophageal feeding tube in place for another week, just to be certain that Fermata could hold his own without it.  That situation seems to have materialized.  I am only using the tube in the morning and at eventide for medication administration.  Fermata does need an occasional appetite stimulant due to the fact that the anti-thyroid meds suppress his desire to indulge in the yummiest cat food I can find, but everyone can live with that for the short term.  Slightly more frustrating, kitty has made the command decision that, for the time being, he prefers Science Diet Adult Light dry food.  Leave it to Mr. Finicky to choose the food that has fewer calories, less fat, and more fiber when he needs more of the first and second, and probably an equal amount of the third.  Oh, well.  I think his choice of food can be overcome.  At present, I am not overly concerned about it.  I am just glad to see him coming for meals and demonstrating a consistent interest in eating.  Today, he practically sat on my luncheon plate to get at some pieces of chicken!

So, tomorrow the feeding tube will be removed and a fond farewell shall be said to it.  Hopefully, the stitches that replace it will not need the same amount of monitoring.  We could all use some sleep.

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