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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Davy Jones Remembered

This morning, before my day really got moving, tragedy struck in Florida.  Davy Jones, a member of The Monkees, a band that was all the rage during my childhood in the mid-1960's, passed away suddenly of a heart attack.  By late this afternoon, most of my female Facebook friends were reminiscing about how they had a crush on Mr. Jones when they were younger.  While I don't recall having a crush on the gentleman, or having a poster of him displayed over my bed, I do remember watching The Monkees television show and listening to their music on the radio.  I may even have owned one of their records.

My daugther, being in her twenties, had never heard of Davy Jones or The Monkees, so I decided to visit YouTube for some samples of their work.  It was fun watching her reaction to some of the lyrics and goofy videos that have been posted from the TV show.  "I'm a Believer" is a favorite of many people (me included), as is "The Last Train to Clarksville."  Katherine the Great is partial to this one, "Auntie Grizelda."

Frankly, I don't recall this song, so it was new to both of us.  Take a listen and remember Davy Jones, the heartthrob who was named top teen idol of all time by Yahoo Music in 2008.  To read a bit more about his life, visit this article at

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