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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Hatches battened down...again.
For the second time in fourteen months, I am sitting in my house with the windows boarded up, listening to the wind howl outside.  By current estimates from the local authorities, that wind is going 80-90 mph and is well on it's way to wreaking havoc across southeastern Connecticut.  My friend, Kerrie, just posted a picture of her house on Facebook.  The large pine tree located in her east lawn is now leaning on the roof near her kitchen.  Thankfully, no significant damage is apparent.  Several of my other friends who live on the shoreline had to evacuate due to the forecast storm surge, expected to be 6-11 feet with the next high tide around 10:00 PM today.  The large silver maple tree in my backyard lost two small-to-moderate branches this afternoon when the wind was only going 50-60 mph.

The list grows longer.
That tree was my initial reason for boarding the windows again this time.  I was concerned about branches breaching the south-facing windows should the tree come down.  But now that I have been listening to the wind for more than three hours, I think boarding against the wind alone was a good idea.  In fact, it has me considering a more permanent solution that is easier (and faster) to implement than screwing plywood into the wooden window trim every time a big storm comes our way, which seems to be occurring more often than I would like.

If you would like to read an example of what my family and I did to prepare for "Frankenstorm" Sandy, check my Hurricane Irene entries from 2011.  I will post an update once the Halloween Horror Storm is over.

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