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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bridge Thoughts

I have watched way too much TV news coverage about the bridge collapse in Minnesota today. I sent e-mails to the friends and family members I could not reach by phone last night. Everyone is fine, but I just can’t quite wrap my brain around the fact that the most heavily traveled bridge in my home state is now lying in the Mississippi River.

It was reported most of the day that recovery efforts were progressing much slower than expected due to conditions in the river. In that particular location, the Mississippi is not only muddy, but the current is quite fast. Apparently, in an effort to lessen the impact of that current, rescue officials have attempted to lower the river level by using a nearby lock and dam system. The dive teams have also been hampered by the amount of debris in the water, no surprise given what transpired but definitely not beneficial to the operational goal of recovering victims. And while this work plods forward, the families wait…

I remember exactly where I was when 911 occurred. I now remember exactly where I was when the I-35W Bridge collapsed. Then, as now, I pray for the victims and praise God for the miracles that occurred within such an unspeakable tragedy, miracles like the rescue of all those school children who were trapped in a bus and the gentleman who drove off the structure just before it fell. It is during times like these that I miss being in Minnesota.

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