Inspired by a little-known picture book from the pen of Bethany Tudor, this is a diary, of sorts, where I document some of my thoughts, activities, and ideas as I explore the challenges met by the characters in the story: hard work, the care and nurture of others, housekeeping skills, life changes, charity, community, and cooperation, among others. Like Samuel and Samantha, the ducks in the tale, I struggle and succeed, cope and celebrate, work and play, handling the tasks that come my way. I invite you to join me on my journey.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July 2008

No BBQ plans. No friends or relatives at my house. No day off for my husband. Sounds like a pretty rotten Independence Day, doesn’t it? It really wasn’t that bad; after all, we finally attended our first Fourth of July parade in Groton.

No, we didn’t just move here. We have lived in town for almost 19 years. We just never took the time to go to the parade. Around our house, the Fourth of July is usually consumed with work (as it was yesterday), with either my husband working on the submarine base or me working on something at home. Plus, since my husband often travels for work, traveling on a holiday (even to go to a parade) is often something he does not want to embrace; consequently, we usually stay home. Yes, we generally have burgers or hot dogs, potato salad, and watermelon for lunch. We just don’t make a big deal out of it.

So, this year, our dear friends --- the F family --- invited us to the parade. Since my husband was working, my daughter and I decided to join the party. They picked us up in their van so we didn’t need to drive (always a plus) and all headed to the side of the road not too far from our house. The parade was much longer than I anticipated, with a lot more local fire equipment than I knew existed. I also saw a lot of fife and drum corps units, a huge difference from the parades of my youth in southern Minnesota where marching bands dominate the landscape. The youngsters representing their Girl Scout troops and Boy Scout packs were adorable, and we waved at our friends who were walking with their church group. It was all very…small town, which I wouldn’t trade for anything at this point in my life. It was a very relaxing time.

The other big event of the day: the arrival of the Explorer of the Seas. For a picture and a description, click here.

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