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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Want That!

Hearth Song has a new toy --- a remote control boa constrictor.* How do I know this? Their catalog arrived in my mailbox this afternoon. Perusing through the pages of new items, I found this description:
Send this beaming boa slithering hither and thither on teeny reptilian wheels. Red eyes aglow, this serpent’s scaly segments slide shiveringly as you guide it glidingly in four directions.
As an anti-snake fan and a rather permanent resident of the anti-serpent corner of the world, I want to know who invented this toy? Did some Voldemort fan that loves his slimy, slippery friend Nagini engineer it? Or did some father who likes to frighten his wife build it for his kids? I’m more inclined toward the latter speculation as the catalog shows a little boy operating the ophidian.

When I showed the catalog to my seventeen-year-old daughter, her first response was, “I want that!” This statement was, of course, followed by a sinister little chuckle. I know why she wants that; so she can torture me with it. Hither and thither the snake will go. Do you know what those two words mean?

Hither: to or toward this place
Thither: to or toward that place

So to this place and that place the serpent will go…until it finds an unsuspecting mother to ambush. I can’t wait.

*Snake and remote each require 2 AA batteries that are not included.

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