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Friday, February 02, 2007

Guinness + Milk = Bilk?

Occasionally during our Friday night pizza dinners, I have a glass of Guinness Stout on tap (being Irish by descent, what other beer would I drink?). I have tried this beer in a can, but the flavor just didn’t compare. I never considered trying it with milk, though. Apparently, some Japanese brewers thought milk and beer would make a great flavor combination, and an excellent way to use up surplus dairy products, so they whipped up a batch of “bilk.” Quoting from Fox News:
“Bilk” reportedly has a fruity taste which manufacturers hope will be appealing to women.

After they [the brewers] added beer yeast and hops and began the fermentation process, the beverage looked and smelled like tea with milk. However, when fermentation was finished and the drink cooled, it had the same color as beer.
Seeing as I don’t like milk in my tea, I probably won't like milk in my beer, despite the fruity taste and the desperate hope of the brewers that the beer may appeal to women. I am a woman and, frankly, sweet or not, “bilk” sounds more like an effort to cheat me out of “real” beer than an effort to increase my calcium intake. Maybe a different name would be more appealing, like "meer," for instance. The company could always use a meerkat on their label.

In the meantime, one Guinness in a glass, please (but only in moderation, like once every three to six months).

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Anonymous said...

Guinness and Milk is a "Black and White" haha and the is only beer I would even think of mixing with milk