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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Generation Gap Quiz

Every three months or so, our church holds an intergenerational discussion during the Sunday School hour. Today was the last session for 2007 and the topic was “Bridging the Generation Gap.” As an ice breaker/discussion starter, the Director of Christian Education had us complete the following quiz. See how many you can answer and then post your score (and your age) in the comments section. I scored nine on the “older” questions and twelve on the “younger” set.

1. 33 1/3, 45, 78
2. Saturday morning serials
3. Knickers
4. Chinese jumprope
5. Black Jack
6. Running board
7. Flat top
8. Polio
9. Pop beads
10. Carhop
11. Wild Root cream oil
12. Ed Sullivan

1. Nano
2. YouTube
3. Hoodies
4. Wii
5. Heelys
6. Texting
7. Blogging
8. HPV
9. X Games
10. Social networking sites
11. Google
12. IM
Though I do not know for certain where this quiz was first published, this information was printed on the bottom of our discussion handout:

One Church Four Generations: Understanding and Reaching All Ages in Your Church by Gary L. McIntosh, Baker Books, 2002.

"Zap the Gap: How to Solve the Multi-Generational Puzzle" presentations and notes from this presentation by speaker, Meagan Johnson, 2006.

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