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Monday, November 12, 2007

Oil Monitor

Sorry for the two week absence. I was crazy busy with homeschooling and church, not to mention some gigantic home organization tasks (the results of which will probably show up on Gooseberry Lane in the next few days). But now I’m back…and ready to keep tabs on the price of crude oil; hence, the addition of the oil monitor in the sidebar.

Being an economics major, I am curious to see exactly when the price of a barrel of crude oil will hit $100. The market has been creeping toward this century mark for a while now, but doesn’t ever quite break through (not that I want it too)., where I found the crude oil dashboard, has a one-year forecast price of $122/barrel, as of today. The market believes the price will eventually push above $100/barrel. Some economists believe it will go even higher. As a consumer, I just get to wait for the proverbial price shoe to drop, all the while paying $40-$50 each time I fill my Subaru and attempting to make each tank last 7-10 days. I met the former limit last week. Ten days may elude me, what with commutes to music lessons and performances. I am up for the challenge, though.

The home heating oil season is also upon my family. The furnace has been on in the mornings for 2-3 weeks now. A few of the chillier days had it up and running throughout the entire day. Currently, the thermostat is set at 68º F during the day and 65º F at night. Being programmable, it shifts between the settings without much ado. It did, however, lose its mind this morning, heating the house to 70º F at 3:00 AM. I know this because I was too warm and woke my husband to check the furnace. Much to my chagrin, I may be shopping at Home Depot or Lowe’s this evening, if the thermostat has truly “given up the ghost.” Oh well, better a new thermostat than an out-of-control, oil hungry furnace.

So, how is your family coping with the high price of gas and oil? How many tanks of gas do you use per week? Have you changed your habits in order to conserve energy this winter? I am curious to hear what others are doing to address this issue.

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