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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mock Primary Election

Calling all my homeschool friends and readers! I posted this note on the CHOOSE CT Co-op Basic American Government blog this evening and thought I would add it here as well. I will be checking the results on February 4th to see if the media reports hold true that "homeschoolers vote for Mike Huckabee." I myself am a Thompson fan.
I have seen this exercise on several homeschool websites and at least one homeschool Yahoogroup and it looks interesting enough to try. You will need to create a free HomeschoolEstore account to participate, but it might be worth it to see whom your fellow homeschoolers are supporting for President of the United States. For instructions, please read this quote from the host website:
If you are 7 to 17 and a resident of the United States, we encourage you to learn about the 2008 presidential candidates and the election process by participating in our mock primary election, now through February 4th, the day before Super Tuesday. You must have a free HomeschoolEstore account in order to participate. Click here to cast your vote now! Results will be posted real-time, and the final winners will be posted on Monday, February 4th. Please, keep this election fair and only allow one vote, per child, in your homeschool. Only 5 votes per account will be allowed. To see our current vote tally, click here.
I must reiterate the admonition from the website that ONLY ONE VOTE PER PERSON is permitted. This isn’t American Idol where you can vote more than once. Also, if your household rules require parental permission prior to going online, please speak to your parents before voting on the HomeschoolEstore website.

The polls are now open. Don’t forget to vote.

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