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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Homeschool Forum

I received this from Judy over at Consent of the Governed. If you are a homeschooler and can possibly attend, please do so!
Homeschooler Legislative Forum!
Come Meet Your Elected Officials!
Thursday, January 24 at 7 pm

Southbury Town Hall
501 Main Street South
Southbury, CT 06488


Refreshments will be provided.

Homeschool friendly State Representative Arthur O-Neill has arranged with are homeschoolers and NHELD, this fourth meeting is a series of similar events throughout Connecticut, in an effort to educate legislators about the homeschool community. He hopes that understanding the homeschool community will encourage legislators to support homeschooling and parental rights in the State legislature in the upcoming session, which will begin on February 6. In the next legislative session, Rep. O’Neill will be proposing legislation guaranteeing all Connecticut parents’ right to withdraw their children from the public schools.

Representative O'Neill, Attorney Deborah Stevenson, and Judy Aron will moderate the meeting. Area homeschoolers will be able to participate in discussing what homeschooling is, different ways of home educating, experiences in withdrawing from the public schools, and homeschooling success stories. Families are encouraged to bring samples of school projects, display boards they have created, or scrapbooks or other pictures or items that they are proud of, to display to attendees and legislators. Even if you don’t care to speak, please come to show your support for the homeschooling community and to greet the legislators! Children and homeschool graduates are welcome to speak.

It is very important that as many of us as possible attend this meeting. Please make every effort to come, even if it involves some challenges. You may bring non-homeschooling friends and family, as well. Adults and well-behaved children are welcome. You may wish to bring something to occupy younger children.

Please RSVP and let Tina Pirozolli ( or Leslie Wolfgang ( or Deborah Stevenson ( know if you can make this meeting, and if you will bring pictures or projects for the display table.

Please pass the world along too! We thank you for encouraging other to attend! Also please save the date of February 6th, 9 am, when we will ask all homeschoolers in CT to come to Hartford on the opening day of the legislative session and join with the Governor and legislators to support CT homeschoolers. Details to follow.

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