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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Study Bucks

Just when I think the public education system has hatched their last hair-brained idea, they come up with yet another one. Here is the latest from Georgia, courtesy of Fox News:
Fulton County school officials will pay students to study after school in a new program designed to improve their classroom performance.

The program, called “Learn & Earn,” is being offered to 40 students from Creekside High and Bear Creek Middle schools in Fairburn. The program will give students $8.00 an hour to study after school.

- snip -

School officials say the goal is to determine whether paying students to study will improve their performance.
The program is privately funded, but I can’t help wondering if it won’t teach children that nothing is worth doing unless they get paid for it OR that they can get paid for doing nothing. The ultimate result may be mercenaries or sluggards. Gee, which one of those creatures do I want to let loose on society?

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