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Friday, February 01, 2008

How Encouraging!

A few years ago, I subscribed to some daily e-mails from, hoping the gentle reminders would guide me through the monumental task of decluttering my home. Well, FlyLady is still encouraging me, even though I am “fluttering” miserably on my way to flying. I will get there...eventually...someday.

During January, I was supposed to conduct what FlyLady calls a “Super Fling Boogie.” For the uninitiated, that is where I “fling” (or throw away) any unwanted/unneeded items that have been lying around my house. As you may have guessed, I didn’t toss much of anything. However, some “Flybabies” did. Here is a sampling from the list of weirdest items that got tossed, quoting from the FlyLady website:
Today I flung 2 giant, practically human sized “Kiss-Kiss” Bears that were raffled off at a local Hallmark store a few years ago...The 2 that I decluttered are about 4 feet tall and when sitting together and “kissing” take up an entire loveseat.

Today in my fling fest I found a dried up grilled cheese sandwich up in the soffit in the living room. One of my children had flung it up there approximately 25 years ago! Yikes!!! There were also some children’s vitamins they had fired off in a straw they used as a pea shooter.

One huge antique solid cast greasy iron printing press from the 1920’s-1930’s from our basement. It weighted 1500 lbs. Had to be carted off using a roll back with a wench. It was too heavy for 3 strong men to lift. I can’t believe the empty hole that it left!!!!

The weirdest item I have flung was probably the box of wedding stationery and programs that was in our storage unit...leftover from my husband’s first marriage in 1998!!!!! He had no explanation for why they were still hanging around...I got a chuckle out of finding them and flinging them...It was like throwing his ex-wife in the trash!

Super fling boogie in my kitchen: 2 cans of diet shakes, 11 YEARS OLD!!!!!
I feel better knowing that I am not the only person in America with weird stuff in their house. The only difference between these individuals and myself is that they actually threw their weird stuff away AND they were brave enough to divulge what it was. Congratulations, Flybabies!

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