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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Worst Places to Live (for Christians)

Earlier this week, I read an article on The Christian Post website that listed the top ten worst places to live if you are a Christian. No big surprises for me, although I would have expected India to be a bit higher on the list given some of the recent violence there.* Here are the top thirty countries from Open Doors USA. They are listed in ascending order and categorized by level of oppression:

Severe Persecution
1. North Korea

2. Saudi Arabia
3. Iran
4. Maldives
5. Bhutan
6. Yemen
7. Afghanistan
8. Laos

Severe Limitations
9. Uzbekistan
10. China
11. Eritrea
12. Somalia
13. Turkmenistan
14. Comoros
15. Pakistan
16. Qatar
17. Vietnam
18. Chechnya
19. Egypt
20. Zanzibar Islands
21. Iraq
22. Azerbaijan
23. Libya
24. Mauritania
25. Burma (Myanmar)
26. Sudan (North)
27. Oman

Some Limitations
28. Cuba
29. Brunei
30. India

*To read more about the persecution of Christians around the world, visit

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