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Monday, February 18, 2008

MassHOPE Convention 2008

This past Saturday, I received my first flyer for the 2008 MassHOPE Convention, the largest conference for Christian homeschoolers in New England. Mark your calendars; it will be in Worcester, Massachusetts, April 25-26. The scheduled keynote speakers are Michael Farris of HSLDA and Kevin Swanson of the Christian Home Educators of Colorado. The theme: Parenting --- A Right, A Responsibility, A Reward.

I am particularly interested in these workshops:

- Smart Kids Who Hate to Write
- Teaching Sense in a World of Nonsense
- Teaching Your Children the Constitution
- Evaluating for Excellence
- Can One Man Make a Difference? Can You?

My daughter has indicated some curiosity about these sessions:

- Real-Life Courtship
- Are You ‘Just Fine’ Without the Fine Arts?
- I’m Sorry: Training Young Apologists

Of course, I am interested in these sessions for my daughter:

- Public Speaking: A Force to be Reckoned With
- Forging Ahead: Apprenticeships in the 21st Century
- Teaching Your Child the Most Feared Activity: Public Speaking

We’ll see how that discussion goes. :-)

Generation Joshua will also be there organizing a mock Presidential election as part of the Teen Track for students ages 12-18. Here is the description for that activity from the convention brochure:
Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to run for President of the United States? Now you have the chance to run for President, to build coalitions, to interact in press conferences --- while learning about our system of government, and how faith and politics intersect.

- snip –

Interspersed with the mock election will be serious and relevant lectures about a Christian’s role in politics, how young people can make a difference in their country, and how youth can get involved in Generation Joshua.
And, of course, my daughter and I will be shopping for curriculum. This may be one of our last trips to the conference as active homeschoolers, as my daughter is approaching her high school graduation. I can hardly believe she is almost finished. It seems like we just started with some Play-doh and a work-play curriculum from the Calvert School. I guess time flies when you’re having fun engaging a young mind!

To learn more about the convention, check out the MassHOPE website at A full listing of workshops and classes has not yet been posted there but should be available shortly. One last suggestion: if you plan to attend, make your hotel reservations early. Rooms fill up quickly.

See you there!

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Kelly said...

I didn't get a flyer!! Glad I checked out your blog this morning or I wouldn't have known!