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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Grief, It's Been 57 Years?!

It is hard to believe, but Charlie Brown and his friends turn 57 today. How appropriate, then, that my dear friend Sharon sent me the early Christmas gift pictured at right. Actually, she sent the Charlie Brown ringers to the entire family, but I digress…
Peanuts was one of the first comic strips with more than two or three characters. Just like your own family and relatives, each Peanuts character brings special humor and insight to life.
Being a pianist, I always had an affinity for Schroeder. I used to love it, too, when Snoopy danced, but not so much when he got angry. Lucy annoyed me because she was always so snooty. Yet, I think Linus may be my favorite. I definitely related to his “blanket attachment” when I was a child and, as I aged, his philosophical approach to life.

Some other interesting facts that I learned from

November 16, 1952
Lucy first holds a football for Charlie Brown

June 1, 1954
Debut of Linus’ security blanket

January 5, 1956
Snoopy first walks on two legs

March 11, 1960
Charlie Brown’s father is revealed to be a barber.

May 18, 1969
Charlie Brown & Snoopy accompany astronauts into space aboard Apollo X.

Happy Birthday, Charlie Brown.

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Kelly said...

It is a good thing Sharon got this for you early. I would have gotten it for you too.

My favorite Peanuts character is Snoopy. I love his dramatic flair for life.

One of my favorite movies is Snoopy Come Home.