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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Now That’s Original!

I was checking my Google Reader feeds this afternoon, when I came across this website, Unusual Hotels of the World, posted by Judy of Consent of the Governed, who was led there by Helen H. (sorry, no website or blog for referral).

My daughter and I spent over thirty minutes exploring the various descriptions and photos on the site. Let me tell you, when the website creators used the term “unusual hotels,” they were not kidding. We found everything from historic churches to tree houses to converted prisons to concrete sewer pipes. Yes, you read that correctly folks, concrete sewer pipes. Truthfully, I cannot imagine myself wiling away a relaxing afternoon in a drainage tube but, hey, different strokes for different folks, I guess.

For example, my sister may find this to her liking, seeing as she is the owner of a young canine --- the Dog Bark Park Inn:
The world’s largest Beagle, offering unique accommodation inside [its] 2-story body.

Rates: $92.00/night includes breakfast. Double occupancy.

With two big dogs signaling your arrival to Dog Bark Park visitors may walk the ground, browse the gift shop and artists’ studio featuring the whimsical chainsaw artwork of husband/wife artist [Dennis J. Sullivan] and [his wife] Frances. Canine carvings are a specialty although visitors are apt to find fish, feline, bear, moose and Lewis & Clark themed carvings as well. At Dog Bark Park the artists enjoy sharing dog, travel and life stories as well as assisting visitors in planning their vacations. We are husband and wife artists working at our studio at Dog Bark Park since 1997.
I, on the other hand, am intrigued by The College of the Holy Spirit in Britain and Thorngrove Manor in Australia. My friend, Koalagirl15, would probably enjoy Saugerites Lighthouse near Albany, New York. Katherine the Great prefers the Beckham Creek Cave Haven near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Check out the site for yourself and select your dream hotel. Which one will it be?

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Judy Aron said...

LOL- Glad you liked that post - actually the link was sent to me via email from a friend of mine.