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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hometown Hero

A while back, I posted a blog entry about a gentleman in my hometown who believes he has discovered the cause of gravity (see Cause of Gravity in My Hometown?!). Now I would like to introduce you to another local individual, seventeen-year-old Nick Graham. Still in high school, Mr. Graham attends class by day and works in his grocery store by night. That’s right, HIS grocery store. Nick Graham purchased the Main Street Market in Truman, Minnesota last year. When the former grocery store closed and residents of this small hamlet (population 1259*) were faced with driving out-of-town for foodstuffs, Mr. Graham made the command decision to become a businessman. With $10,000 in hand, money he earned and saved by working on his uncle’s turkey farm, Nick put a down payment on the establishment and reopened the only grocery store in town. Surprisingly, Mr. Graham claims he never went grocery shopping before becoming a grocer. Go figure.

Why did he do it?

“This community has been struggling for the past few years. It’s kind of been in a downward spiral and I didn’t want to see that continue,” Nick told a reporter for CBS News. “I’m here because this community needs me to be here.”

It brings tears to my eyes to know that my hometown and the community of Truman are still turning out people like Nick Graham, individuals who will stay in those small communities and contribute in such a purposeful way to the lives of others.

To view a video clip of the CBS News article about Mr. Graham and his Main Street Market, click here.

Note: I am very familiar with Truman, Minnesota, having grown up just a few miles down the road. My sister also works in the community. My father was resident of the Lutheran Retirement Home there before his death in November 2005.

* 2000 census data


Janet Rubin said...

That's incredible. That's the America I want to be a part of. Thanks for sharing this.

koalagirl said...

I LOVED this, Michele! What a great kid! I'd shop in his grocery too! I love that people are volunteering to stock the shelves for him! You may need to put him on the top of the Short List for Katy and move back there!! (Of course, I would never stand for your moving, but . . .. )